Play Fee

Green fees Weekday :
7,582yen(tax excl.)
Saturday :
8,567yen(tax excl.)
Sunday& Holidays :
9,520yen(tax excl.)
Guests rates
(for guests
staying at
our Golf Resort)
Weekday :
2名1室6,602yen(tax excl.)
Saturday :
7,602yen(tax excl.)
Sunday& Holidays :
8,602yen(tax excl.)


Motorized golf
buggy fees
2 seater
(Extra fees)
3 Bags:200yen(tax excl.) s Bags:600yen(tax excl.)

*Above fees are for 1 two-seat motorized golf buggy for four bags

*Weekend & Holiday fees apply for New Year's holidays (Jan. 1 to 3)
*Competition fees may be charged at the time of the competition.

Equipment Hire Rates

  set item one item
Clubs (for men) Dunlop (XXIO) 5,000yen(tax excl.) 800yen(tax excl.)
Taylor made
Bridgestone 5,000yen(tax excl.) 800yen(tax excl.)
Clubs (for women) Bridgestone(BEAM) 4,000yen(tax excl.) 500yen(tax excl.)
Taylor made 4,000yen(tax excl.) 500yen(tax excl.)
Shoes 800yen(tax excl.)
Practice balls (33 balls) 300yen(tax excl.)
2810 Masuda Nakatane-Cho Kumage-Gun Kagoshima Japan 8913603